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Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I clean the Pourer Fedoras?
A: Yes, in fact they are as easy to clean as a bottle pourer. They are very easy to clean because they have a wide opening that you can get your fingers into when needed. From time to time if your bottle pourers get sticky they can make the pourer covers sticky. Just take a pourer cover in one hand and use a bit of warm soapy water to rub away any sticky build up inside.

2. OK, but can I clean them in a dishwasher?
A: Yes but as with any plastic product it is best to keep them away from the electric coiled heating element in the dishwasher. The better approach is to just soak them all in some warm soapy water from time to time and rinse them out. You can pretty much treat a pourer cover the way you treat your liquor pourers whether they are the plastic pourers or the metal pourers, which have a plastic cork section beneath the pour spout section.

3. Will Pourer Fedoras fit my bar pour spouts?
A: Yes. We fit all standard liquor pourers from makers such as Co-rect, Spill Stop, Posi-Pour, and Precision Pour. We fit regular short plastic pourer, tapered pourers, metal pourers, screened pourers and measured pourer, such as the common two ball measured pourers and three ball pourers.

4. Why should I buy Pourer Fedoras and not some generic universal pourer cover, or dust cap?
A: We like to think that Pourer Fedoras are a bit more fun. They are not your typical generic, boring universal pourer cover. We've got you covered, with a little style. And we do so at the same price as your standard, common dust cover. Pourer Fedora covers for liquor pourers are all we do and we do it well. Our product is a quality product.

5. I use plastic wrap to cover my bottles, why on earth would I spend my hard earned money on pourer covers?
A: If you are asking this question chances are you are not the person trying to wrap all those shot pourers in plastic at 3 o'clock in the morning. I have enough trouble with plastic wrap at home in the kitchen after a hearty meal. Aside from struggles with plastic wrap stuck to the roll, with half the sheet winding around the roll and the other half in your hand, plastic wrap doesn't do as good of a job. On your back bar and in your wells you have bottles of various heights. Appling plastic wrap evenly in such a manner as to securely cover every small opening of your bottle pour spouts is a challenging job. Fruit flies will exploit all weaknesses in your defense. The best defense is a pourer cover and the best pourer covers are Pourer Fedora pourer covers.

6. Why are fruit flies such a problem?
A: They are fruitful and multiply. In fact, that's all they do.

7. Can Pourer Fedoras really save me money?
A: The spirits market is moving toward premium and super premium products, but fruit flies are unaware of this market trend. They fly into both your $3.99 bottles of Triple Sec and your $39.99 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black. If you have 3 bottles of good scotch that you must discard because they contain several dead fruit flies (we know you aren't asking your staff to use strainers…Yuck) you can save money by protecting your valuable liquid assets which are now on average worth nearly $1 per ounce. Economic losses from mildly outraged customers observing fruit flies floating in the martini glass of their $14.00 specialty drink are difficult to calculate, but they are apt to switch to bottled beer that night and may even switch venues the next night. Even worse, they are also likely to tell the tale. Pourer Fedoras can help save you money.

8. Can I get Pourer Fedoras from my local restaurant supply company?
A: We are only sold on line at this time but we are looking for fine quality distributors for our fine quality pourer covers. You're already here so why not buy them now? It's easy and secure and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have an account set up it is even easier to buy some more next time.

9. What do you mean buy some more next time? Don't they last forever?
A: Well they will last a very long time being plastic, but like everything else in the bar business things seem to have a way of getting lost. You would think you'd never have to buy pourer spouts once you got them for all your liquor bottles the first time, but I am sure you still do, every now and then, have to buy more bottle pourers.

10. Why isn't everybody using Pourer Fedoras?
A: This is the best question you've asked so far. What a great question. I don't know the answer but you can do your part… we look forward to serving you as our customer and we hope you will tell a friend. Thanks.

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